The card-play style
against digitalization

There are three mainly wagers pays of general baccarat game rule: pays 1 to 1 for winning Player / banker, and pays 8 to 1 for tie, and pays 11 to 1 for Pair. But I understand why those wagers aren't liked. Those wagers are hard to win but the payout isn't that big. Our product has more than 40 types of sidewagers approved by gaming test labs, for example there are the wagers, such as pays 1 to 1 and pays 200 to 1. The game rules for our products have a wide range of pays's wagers.

Wagers with low pays at this table are 1 to 1, 1.5 to 1, 2 to 1, 2.5 to 1, 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 (excluding Player and Banker). This is a bet that win with a probability extremely close to Player and Banker bet. The wagers with a large payout are 20 to 1, 30 to 1, 50 to 1, 80 to 1, 90 to 1, and 100 to 1, 110 to 1, 140 to 1, 200 to 1. Can you imagine how great a baccarat game with such a wager is? That is, a large number of wagers win or appear in every round. This creates a sense of gameplay and a sense of expectation that is not comparable to that of general baccarat games. In addition, the calculation of the payout by the inspection agency enables reliable operation.

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